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Swamibag Ashram and Tripurlinga Swami Maharaja 

In Kanyakunjya of India, there was a scholar in scriptures and highly Krishna consciousness Brahmana named Jibeseshwar Tewari. Once upon a time, he came to Allahabad, Prayag triveni, on the occasion of Kalpavasa and auspicious bathing ceremony (Snana Yatra) with his pregnant wife Srimati Harapayi Devi. There he met a previously known Mahatma whom the scholar wanted to donate something at a time, the Mahatma responded to accept this at the right time.Then, In Bengali year 1179, Harapayi devi gave birth to a son with highly handsome and spiritual light in the day of Sri Sri Rama Navami. Since the son have taken birth in the holy place prayag, so Panditji named him as Prayag Narayana and mother would call him as Venimadhava as he took birth at Jivananda and triveni.

After few days of Upanayana, Mahatma came to Panditji and offered humble prayer to take Venimadhava. Although Jiveshwar Tewari and Harapayi felt some mental pain acutely, they donate their son according to the previous promise. Then Venimadhava started to lead life wonderfully with the Mahatma. A few years later, the Mahatma brought Veni Madhava in the house and permitted him to stay in conjugal life meticulously. He also told that he will come after few years as well as will take him again.

After one year, according to the order of Mahatma, Venimadhava’s father gave marriage with eleven years old girl named Srimati Ganga Devi. Then in the night Venimadhava dreamed that Mahatma putting hands on his head and said, “dear prince, are you still not satisfied with the sense gratification? Will you be more affectionate by looking the face of a son? Come now and do not waste your valuable time.” Then one day he left the house. After some time, Mahatma went out to pilgrimage with Venimadhava. They came to a place called Bithor on the bank of Ganges. Before Mahatmaji left his body there, he advised, “At first you will meet a Mahatma in Rameshwar, then fortunately you will meet a great devotee in the Himalayan province and take instruction from him that will bring about a special change in your life”

Near about six months later, when he had met with Tailanga Swami in Rameshwar, he was waiting to initiate Venimadhava. After initiation Venimadhava was named as Tripurlinga Swami. After some time, he took valediction from the Tailanga Swami and went out to pilgrimage tour and met Jyati Swami. After acquiring the science of self-consciousness, Tripulinga Swami informed Lama Swami for the welfare of the living entities of the world. Lama Swami responded him first to go to Nepal and then to the lower province. He taught Tripurlinga Swami about eight processes for control of mind and various yogic methods. Then he entered Bangladesh by visiting various holy places. He visited the Adinath temple located in the sea shore and Chandranath in Sitakunda. Finally, he came to Dhaka in a remote place of Kurmitola, where he took shelter in the Dargah of an Islamist fakir named Khanjan Khan. And in that Durga, Tripurlinga Swami worshiped Lord Shiva, and in the same dargah, Khanjan Khan Fakir used to worship Allah Almighty. After staying in that house for several days, at the city of Shahbagh in Dhaka, he would lead spirituality at a lonely place. Some devotees also would come to Shahbag to take Darshan of Swamiji. Meanwhile, a renowned zamindar of Dhaka city, Gopendra Mohan Basak alias Akababu, received self-satisfaction by seeing Tripurlinga Swamiji and had a property on about 4 bighas of land in Karati para in the old Dhaka city of the zamindar. Aka babu wishes to donate this place to Swamiji.

Later, Akababu built a suitable temple to live peacefully there. Construction of the temple in 1899, 20 Boishakh, Gopendra Mohan Basak offered a registered donation letter to Swamiji, after giving him the name of Swamiji, which is still known as Swamibag Ashram. Tripurlinga Swami established an Ashram in the place donated by Gopendra Mohan Basak. And this monastery is known as Swamibag Ashram. In that Ashram, Swamiji established deities of Lord Sri Sri Bhim Shankar Shivalinga and worshiped Sri Sri Mangala Chandikeswari Kalimata along with other gods and goddesses. This is how the monastery continues. Meanwhile Tripurlinga Swami became ill at 150 years of age. Thinking about how this monastery will be protected, on September 14, 1922, Swamiji donated all the movable and immovable properties to the name of Sri Sri Bhim Shankar Shivalinga deities as a donating document. In order to conduct this temple, Swamiji appointed his dear disciple named Nareshananda Saraswati among three disciples. Swamiji passed away at the age of 150 years, in 1329 in Rama Navami Tithi. Swamiji was buried in this Ashram after his departure.

In times of great turmoil, once Swamibag Ashram faced endless obstacles. Many culprit people tried to erase the history of this temple from the capital city of Bangladesh, But by the benediction of supreme personality of Godhead, the current priest of the Swamibag Ashram Yashoda Nandana Acharya requested to ISKCON in order to protect the Swamibag Ashram, to develop and to conduct this temple meticulously in 2000. Fortunately ISKCON accepted this propitious offer and recovered the previous mode and mission of Swamibag Ashram thorough out the most powerful long movement. Swamibag Ashram lost its purity of devotional practices and tradition of eternal religion by the wave of highly inauspicious power. Before there was a great devotee who used to practice devotional life perfectly and there were some of the temples that were here, almost all the Sanatana cultured people and the residents of Dhaka were forgotten. Unfortunately, Swamibag Ashram became a victim of illegal activities, taking care of common place of cows. Overall the Swamibag had a miserable, intolerable and sorrowful environment. But when ISKCON was entrusted with the responsibility of this temple, ISKCON started limitless endeavors to restore the former mode and mission of this temple. For this, however, ISKCON had to work so diligently. Now there are more than one hundred fifty Bramhachari devotees living in this Ashram.

Following the footsteps of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada, devotees are preaching Krishna consciousness all over the Bangladesh like being the conscious of the preaching mode of Srila Prabhupada who had spread sanatan religion or vaisnava culture throughout the whole world. Now ISKCON Swamibag Ashram has become the summit institution of devotional practice. At present, Swamibag Ashram is activating various social and spiritual educational programs through various promotional departments according to the consciousness level. As a result, initially students who are studying in the school are getting a transcendental chance to launch devotional services from the early childhood and similarly have different types of auspicious management to protect the modern youths from dilapidated. Besides, people are being encouraged from all corners of life by spreading science of self-realization through different beneficent training courses. In this regard, Jagrata Chatra Samaj (JCS), ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF), Bhakti Vedanta Gita Academy, Mayapur Institute (MI), Namhatta, Bhakti Vriksa, Bhagavatam class etc. are corroborating various activities to spread the Krishna consciousness.

Being a member of daily service (Nitya Seva), the great opportunity to donate tiny part of income to the service of the supreme personality of Godhead, also have a supreme amenities to take part in the Hare Krishna movement of Maha prabhu being ISKCON life member, as well as juxtapose the opportunity to establish universal brotherhood. Food for Life has an important role in social activities thorough serving food, clothes, and medical services. In addition, Gavinda’s Restaurant by supplying varieties delicious Krishna prasadam is attracting more and more people toward complementary the mode of goodness food.

Monthly Hare krishna Samachar, Quarterly Amriter Sandhane Magazine etc. are informing devotees profusely regarding various supreme scientific theories, information and various events. In order to nourish devotionally all conditioned souls, above departments have only unique motive to spread the message at every sector of society of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu that 

Prithivite ache jata nagar adi gram

Sarvatra prochar haive more ei nam 

Finally, our ambition is to revive the main principle of eternal Santana religion.






Updated on 03 April 2019